Dear all DMIT Clients, 


Hello Japan! We are excited to launch our 3rd global cloud infrastructure service in Tokyo!  We've connected with multiple Tier 1 Internet ISP to enhance our connectivity and local IXP to reduce latency for local users. Together with Hong Kong and Los Angles, Tokyo adds yet another important geographic option for your Asia-Pacific cloud infrastructure.


We are here inviting you to our OpenBeta event, which helps us a lot to know what you need and what we could do more, right here, for you.


This is a 1year one-time 50OFF promotion code:


* Limited for annual order; 


This is a recurring 20OFF promotion code:


* Limited 1 VM per order; Unlimited usage in orders.


DMIT only launched our Lite network in Tokyo; the Premium network profile will be ready later. 


Please let me via ticket know if you have any suggestions or issues. The new site is still in OpenBeta. Limited SLA. 


Please read our TOS, especially the refund policy and IP replacement policy before ordering:


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Sunday, July 18, 2021