Hong Kong is located to the southeast of China. It is a special commerce zone that operates autonomously from China. It is a major world hub for commerce, finance and internet transit.

If you want to reach the massive population in China, this is the place to do it from. China literally borders Hong Kong.

With Hong Kong being a major internet hub in Asia, you can be certain that connectivity from here should be good nearly anywhere in Asia. This includes the neighboring countries of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

Hong Kong Datacenter Specifications

  • Unparalleled connectivity throughout Asia & China
  • XGE Connect to HKIX (10GE Hong Kong Internet Exchange)
  • XGE Connect to Equinix IX (On Deploying)
  • Native IPv6 Network
  • 24x7 Security Operation Center
  • N+1 of CRAC units Cooling Infrastructure
  • N+1 UPS Battery Backup Units
  • Oli-Free Chiller & Solar Panels
  • Local Network Carriers: NTT Communication, Vodafone[CW], China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile International, AnchNet & Peering

Hong Kong Network Test IPs and Speedtest Files

Platinum VM(PVM.HKG)

IPv4 Test Address:

IPv6 Test Address: 2403:18c0:1:233::a46b

Speed Test Files: 100MB 1000MB

Services Available in Hong Kong