Fault Report of LAX Datacenter
Fault Report:   After checking with Digital Realty (DRT).  The condenser of DRT's air-conditions system damaged hours ago. This issue leads to the extremely high temperature of some of DMIT's virtualized nodes. The extreme temperature exceeds the safety threshold. Our nodes shut themselves down for safety reasons automatically. Some VMs need ...
27th Jul 2020
HKSSer 欢迎你们来到 DMIT Inc
Dear HKSSer,   我们已经收到来自被收购方 (HKServersolution.com) 的部分硬件设施。 由于中国电信CN2 ...
25th Jul 2020
DMIT Promotion & LAX Hardware Upgrade
The time-limited life-time 25% off promotion code for PVM.LAX.Pro(SHAREv2 exclude): EPYC-CELEBRATE This code can be only used once each client.    The new feature of PVM.LAX.Pro: ✓ Are powered by AMD EPYC 2nd generation processors, code-name Rome ✓ Are ideal for compute-intensive and IO-intensive workloads ✓ Are running with ...
21st Jun 2020
ToS Update

Dear Customers,


DMIT Updated the TOS with section 20. IP Replacement Policy, 19. Refund clause for formatting reason; The action of taken down request has been added in section 21. Please take a look. 

The update of SLA will be available after September 2020.




Best regards,


7th Jun 2020
Here Today…Here Tomorrow, 买的更多 收获更多 - DMIT Cloud Services.
各位亲爱的DMIT的客户,   有些事情随着年龄的增长自然会变好。   今年是DMIT的第二年。在这里,我们要向DMIT所有增加的员工和你们表示感谢,你们是世界上最支持我们的客户。随着我们业务的开展,我们面临着所有的挑战,而您选择信任我们,让我们值得信赖...
31st Oct 2019
Los Angles Lite Datacenter is available
From today to the end of 2019.   Once you purchase a PVM.LAX.Pro server as a new customer, you can get a free PVM.LAX.Lite.MINI for 3 months.   For new customer.  1. Sign up a DMIT Account; 2. Purchase any PVM.LAX.Pro server, add  [ PVM.LAX.Lite.MINI ] to cart at the same time.  3. use Code "GIA-Q4-Free-LITE-MINI".   For the current ...
26th Oct 2019
up to 28off for Dedicated Instance
Dear all,   DMIT Dedicated Instance 28off!!! Annually Payment Discount.   Note: The annual payment for a Dedicated Instance itself includes a 10off discount. Pay with below discount code can maximize the discount to 28off.   Code: 20OFF!!-DMIT-DEDI   This discount will end on July 1 2019.   Best regards, DMIT Inc Sale Team.
19th Jun 2019
Temporarily IP Replacement Policy
  Considering the interests of both parties; At present, we do not recommend customers to request a new IP and use it. If you have a great demand for connectivity in China, but the IP is currently blocked by the Chinese firewall, replacing the IP will not help you to ensure network accessibility for a long time. It is also easy to cause your new ...
2nd Jun 2019
About refill the stock - April 2019
Dear all,    As the servers still have not arrived in Hong Kong (sent from the United States), we have to postpone the installation of new servers until next Monday (Hong Kong time. 14 Apr).   The Tech Specs of the master host has been changed to    E5-4657Lv2 (4 Sockets, Full Power, Performance Profile) 512G DDR3 ECC REG 1600MHz (4 ...
9th Apr 2019
Long Term Promotion for VM: 1.3x Traffic and Discount
Dear Customers,    [Update: The Long Term Discount is not available for HKG since today.] [HKG-10off-BUT-NO-1.3x], 10off for HKG but the 1.3x will not be applied.   Since now to forever, when you purchase for a VM with Annually and Semi-annually, we will offer a 1.3x traffic booster.  [Update: The promotion has been added to the price ...
10th Mar 2019