Dear all, 


As the servers still have not arrived in Hong Kong (sent from the United States), we have to postpone the installation of new servers until next Monday (Hong Kong time. 14 Apr).


The Tech Specs of the master host has been changed to 


E5-4657Lv2 (4 Sockets, Full Power, Performance Profile)

512G DDR3 ECC REG 1600MHz (4 Channel, 32 Slots)

500G MLC SSD (18 Pcs, RAID 50)

10GE Uplink, 10GE Storage Link.

There are two nodes will be online at this time.


The reason we use the E5-4600v2 instead of E7-4800v2 is that there is no independent cooling system installed in our rack. This will cause the temperature of the processor, hard disk and memory to be higher than 60 degrees Celsius. This exceeds the temperature limit set by DMIT for the stable operation of the server.


Installing a cooling system or arranging a rack for every two E7 nodes will lead to higher costs which is unacceptable. 


E7 system uses 1.2kVA~1.7kVa energy. For the safety and energy security, we finally chose E5-4600v2 family solution. 



BTW, we are going to update our Backbone Network to 40GE (Not later than Q3,2019). 


At the same time, we will launch our open source mirror project in the summer.


As a public welfare project, DMIT will provide resources and we would like to invite more community members to maintain it. More details will be updated later.


Tuesday, April 9, 2019