Dear all DMIT Customers, 


Some Things Just Naturally Get Better With Age. 

This year is the second year for DMIT. At here, we’d like to express my appreciation to all increasing staff at DMIT, and you, the most supportive customers in the world. We are facing all the challenges as our business starts, and you choose to trust us, let our trustworthy engineers made through all of them. Today our business is growing bigger and bigger, and yes, we keep challenging ourselves to provide you even better services. We can’t tell you how proud we are today when we are connecting all of our customers all over the world. 

In this business, we know that cost and quality are controversy things, but we keep challenging ourselves, providing services at the balance of great quality and cost-efficiency, as what we were doing last two years. We are not the biggest company in this industry, but we always aim ourselves at the best one, even we are doing great now. Challenging is in DMIT’s DNA. We grow from nothing to a great cloud service provider by keep challenging ourselves, and we believe we still want to do it in the future. Let challenging write our next chapter.

This year our biggest movement is the new US LAX services, which is what I’m proud of now. We expanded our services, as well as our horizon, to the other side of the world, and provide premium services all over the world. We made this all because you are supporting, once again, thank you, the most supportive customer. The best way to express our appreciation is always providing promotions to you. Later this month, one of our greatest promotions will be available on US LAX services. All we can say now is wait for it.

The world is connected better because you are choosing our services and we love our business. We appreciate your support and appreciate your trust. For the next chapter of DMIT, let’s make the world connects better, one byte at a time.


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Best regards,


CEO of DMIT Inc.

Thursday, October 31, 2019