Creating an SSH key on Windows

The simplest way to create SSH key on Windows is to use PuTTYgen.

  • Download and run PuTTYgen.
  • Click the "Generate" button.
  • For additional security, you can enter a key passphrase. This will be required to use the SSH key and will prevent someone with access to your key file from using the key. If you want to use the SSH Key with no password please just leave blank.
  • Once the key has been generated, click "Save Private Key". Make sure you save this somewhere safe, as it is not possible to recover this file if it gets lost

Creating an SSH key on Linux

The tools to create and use SSH are standard, and should be present on most Linux distributions. With the following commands, you can generate ssh key.

  • Run: ssh-keygen -t rsa. For a more secure 4096-bit key, run: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
  • Press enter when asked where you want to save the key (this will use the default location).
  • Enter a passphrase for your key. You can leave it blank.
  • Run cat ~/.ssh/ - this will give you the key in the proper format to paste into the control panel.
  • Make sure you backup the ~/.ssh/id_rsa file. This cannot be recovered if it is lost. 
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