Since DMIT has blocked most of the NTP Server for security reason, we need to choose appropriate NTP Server.

At present, the useable NTP Server is only provided by Google, which address is

  • CentOS/RedHat:

yum install -y ntpdate


  • Permanently(CentOS 6/RedHat 6/Debian/Ubuntu):

 1. install the "ntp" via package manger

 2. edit "/etc/ntp.conf"

 3. replace the "" or other NTP server with "" line by line.

 4. enable the autostart for ntpd (CentOS 6/RedHat 6: chkconfig ntpd on; service ntpd start     Debian/Ubuntu: systemctl enable ntpd; systemctl restart ntpd)

  • Permanently(CentOS 7/RedHat 7):

1. edit "/etc/chrony.conf"

2. replace the "" or other NTP server with "" line by line.

3. exec the command "systemctl enable chronyd; systemctl restart chronyd; chronyc sources -v" to check sync status.

4. reboot the OS and check again with "date -R"

PS. If your server is allocated with IPv6 but it's unusable, please change to IPv4 prefer (add or modify /etc/gai.conf to uncomment the line "precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  100").

  • Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get update

apt-get install ntpdate

systemctl disable ntp.service

systemctl stop ntp.service


Then we has finished time synchronization.

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