1. You can choose generate Key if you don't want to use the "DMIT Auto Generate Function".

ssh-keygen -t rsa

By using the command, you can generate the "Public Key" and the "Private Key".

You can choose the save location or use the default setting.

Please note that if you choose the non-default location, you need to specific key location when login.

For convenience, i left the passphrase empty and don't encrypt private key.

2. The command will generate two file by default, "id_rsa.pub" is the "Public Key" and the "id_rsa" is the "Private Key".

You can copy the content of the "id_rsa.pub" to DMIT website "SSH Key Management", then you can click "Edit public key" to save the modification.

By this way you save the self-generated Public Key to the DMIT website, please note that you need to reboot or shutdown and boot after 30s in the panel after generate or modify the Public Key.

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