About refill the stock - April 2019

Dear all,    As the servers still have not arrived in Hong Kong (sent from the United States), we have to postpone the installation of new servers until next Monday (Hong Kong time. 14 Apr).   The Tech Specs of the master host has been changed to    E5-4657Lv2 (4 Sockets, Full Power, Performance Profile) 512G DDR3 ECC REG 1600MHz (4 ... Read More »

9th Apr 2019
Long Term Promotion for VM: 1.3x Traffic and Discount

Dear Customers,    Since now to forever, when you purchase for a VM with Annually, we will offer a 10off discount and a 1.3x traffic booster.    The Promotion code for annual payment: DMIT-Annually-10off-I-Have-Read-ToS   When you purchase a VM with Semi-annually, we will offer you a 1.3x traffic booster.   Tips:  A. We can add ... Read More »

10th Mar 2019
Network Limitation For Security Reason

For Security Reason,   We now only accept Google NTP server connection in Asia.   If you need to use NTP server, you can choose the server in EU/AU/NA/SA/AFR and/or Google Anycast NTP Server(The only server is allowed by DMIT in Asia ):   time1.google.com time2.google.com time3.google.com time4.google.com   If you need to use a ... Read More »

7th Mar 2019
Important: Insufficient resources will affect HKG's deployment.

Important:   Due to insufficient computing resources, in order to ensure server performance, we will suspend sales of some products according to the remaining resources. Our new infrastructure will be deployed in Mar 2019.   If you need to deploy more servers, please complete the deployment / order before February 27.   Best, NOC. Read More »

23rd Feb 2019
HKG Intranet Latency Unstable & DDoS Firewall Issues.

Dear All,   Our new DDoS Firewall is available right now. It will make very few packet loss (ICMP Only). Also, if you got very fewer clean packets/s when got DDoS Attack, it will make 10~15ms latency increased right now. The latency increase is happening because the packet forward engine is processing the packet in batches.   Those errors ... Read More »

21st Feb 2019
IPv6 Address Management System Issues

Dear all,


After we migrated our platform from SVM to PVE. The IPv6 network becomes unavailable for now.


The new IPv6 Management module still under re-develope. It will be fixed within this month.


Best regards,


15th Feb 2019
Feb Promotion: 10off Discount or 1.3x Traffic Bonus~!

Dear All, We are now initial our February Sale Promotion. Go to order: https://www.dmit.io/cart.php?gid=1   Since now to Feb 28, 2019, 23:59 (EST).  When you ordering a server from us and pay with Quarterly. You can send us a ticket to ask for extra 0.3x traffic. (1.3x totally) Use the EE86ZEISK09 code to earn a 10off discount. ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2019
Known BUGs/issues on new panel.

Dear all,

For now, the reinstallation will lead to no network; you, may need to contact us for reconfigured.

Also, The disk space of the new template will not be extended. We will fix it with three days.

27th Jan 2019
Important: Technical Update in Hong Kong Datacenter.

  These are a few very important notices. Please be sure to read them.   1. We will upgrade the architecture of Hong Kong Data Center from December 29 to January 1, Hong Kong time. Please make sure to backup your data. ( all customers ) - In the meantime, we will upgrade each node one by one. Because we need to handle data security. Cannot ... Read More »

27th Dec 2018
Hong Kong A Network Upgrading Program

Dear customer,For better connectivity on Asia, we will upgrade our network with 20 days.- We will connect to HKIX on 25 Jul.Benifit:- Our network in HK will have better connectivity with Azure, GCE, Yahoo, Twitter, Twitch, OpenDNS etc.- Welcome every Content Provider peering with us on HKIX.Note:- NSP or other services provider will still going to ... Read More »

14th Jul 2018