Here Today…Here Tomorrow, Get Free MacBook Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods Pro when you place an order with us.
Dear all DMIT Customers,    Some Things Just Naturally Get Better With Age.  This year is the second year for DMIT. At here, we’d like to express my appreciation to all increasing staff at DMIT, and you, the most supportive customers in the world. We are facing all the challenges as our business starts, and you choose to trust us, let our ...
Los Angles Lite Datacenter is available
From today to the end of 2019.   Once you purchase a PVM.LAX.Pro server as a new customer, you can get a free PVM.LAX.Lite.MINI for 3 months.   For new customer.  1. Sign up a DMIT Account; 2. Purchase any PVM.LAX.Pro server, add  [ PVM.LAX.Lite.MINI ] to cart at the same time.  3. use Code "GIA-Q4-Free-LITE-MINI".   For the current ...
up to 28off for Dedicated Instance
Dear all,   DMIT Dedicated Instance 28off!!! Annually Payment Discount.   Note: The annual payment for a Dedicated Instance itself includes a 10off discount. Pay with below discount code can maximize the discount to 28off.   Code: 20OFF!!-DMIT-DEDI   This discount will end on July 1 2019.   Best regards, DMIT Inc Sale Team.
Temporarily IP Replacement Policy
  Considering the interests of both parties; At present, we do not recommend customers to request a new IP and use it. If you have a great demand for connectivity in China, but the IP is currently blocked by the Chinese firewall, replacing the IP will not help you to ensure network accessibility for a long time. It is also easy to cause your new ...
About refill the stock - April 2019
Dear all,    As the servers still have not arrived in Hong Kong (sent from the United States), we have to postpone the installation of new servers until next Monday (Hong Kong time. 14 Apr).   The Tech Specs of the master host has been changed to    E5-4657Lv2 (4 Sockets, Full Power, Performance Profile) 512G DDR3 ECC REG 1600MHz (4 ...
Long Term Promotion for VM: 1.3x Traffic and Discount
Dear Customers,    [Update: The Long Term Discount is not available for HKG since today.] [HKG-10off-BUT-NO-1.3x], 10off for HKG but the 1.3x will not be applied.   Since now to forever, when you purchase for a VM with Annually, we will offer a 10off discount and a 1.3x traffic booster.    The Promotion code for annual payment: ...
Network Limitation For Security Reason
For Security Reason,   We now only accept Google NTP server connection in Asia.   If you need to use NTP server, you can choose the server in EU/AU/NA/SA/AFR and/or Google Anycast NTP Server(The only server is allowed by DMIT in Asia ):   If you need to use a ...
Important: Insufficient resources will affect HKG's deployment.
Important:   Due to insufficient computing resources, in order to ensure server performance, we will suspend sales of some products according to the remaining resources. Our new infrastructure will be deployed in Mar 2019.   If you need to deploy more servers, please complete the deployment / order before February 27.   Best, NOC.
HKG Intranet Latency Unstable & DDoS Firewall Issues.
Dear All,   Our new DDoS Firewall is available right now. It will make very few packet losses (ICMP Only). Also, if you got very few clean packets/s when got DDoS Attack, it will make 10~15ms latency increased right now. The latency increase is happening because the packet forward engine is processing the packet in batches.   Those errors ...
IPv6 Address Management System Issues

Dear all,


After we migrated our platform from SVM to PVE. The IPv6 network becomes unavailable for now.


The new IPv6 Management module still under re-develope. It will be fixed within this month.


Best regards,


15th Feb 2019